Superior systems in web offset printing for first rate quality and service

Specializing in

  • Large runs!

  • Color quality!

  • Sturdy stitching!
  • Multiple zones!

  • More pages!

  • Faster turn arounds!

  • Modern technology!

COLOR QUALITY from web offset without the cost of heatset. Color is a stand out for web offset from inking system controls with electronic pre-press systems, computer to plate (CTP) processes and the cutting-edge Colora press itself! On the press, almost all functions are monitored from one central console.

The Colora's five-high tower (30 feet tall at its highest point) is of compact and robust design from absolute manufacturing standards at the KBA facilities in Trennfeld, Germany.

Koenig & Bauer AG is one of the largest press manufacturers worldwide. The company's core competence is the development of innovative presses, like our Colora's shaftless drive technology with a host of customized extras (skip slitters, section stichers, cross folds, etc.), while running on webs of 20- 50 inches in half inch increments!

 Quality is assured, right from set up through pressrun to finished product. The press' exacting console technology and extensive range of automations mean careful attention is given to all aspects of every printing job. Our adept press crews monitor:

* Press speeds of up to 75,000 high-quality color newspapers, supplements or commercial jobs per hour.


  • Streamlined paper flow, from reel storage to loading of reel stands to butt-end removal.
  • Motorized "scissor" slitters providing precise page cut-offs without excessive tearing or rough edges.
  • Automatic registration ensuring exceptional spot and process color reproduction.
  • Automatic flying pasters that eliminate reel stops for paper roll changes.
  • Automatic flying plate changes that allow adjustments "on the run" without shut down.
  • Automatic tension control that reduces web breaks and increases web stability.
  • Automatic filling of ink fountains that keeps a consistent level of density across every page.
  • Automatic press setting that memorize unique adjustments of any job for later use, while a built-in "job library" offers 476 possible production variations with color configurations.
MORE PAGES printed in a single run. Five-high tower running on two webs of 20 - 50 inches reduces costs significantly while maximizing page count.
MULTIPLE ZONES of different editions or just changing store address lines on a page. Flying plate changes means no stopping and starting for adjustments to published pages.
BOUND TABLOIDS made durable by hard-wearing stables. Coloraís built in stapling ("stitching") ensures extra sturdy binding.
QUICK TURNAROUND when working on tight deadlines. As compared to many other shops, the KBA Colora has a turn around time advantage (measured in hours) from the speed of its double width to its stored production settings to its automated plate and roll changes..
UNIQUE SHEET SIZE, like a "square tab" (10.5 inches wide by 10 inches high) that makes booklets simpler to produce and easier to read! New page format turns booklets, catalogs and many tabloids into distinctive sizes that deliver extra reader impact. The Colora can print 10.5 inch wide tabloids with a height of 10 inches to 17 inches in half-inch increments.
EFFICIENT OPERATION from 21st century automation that ensures the highest of web offset quality throughout a pressrun.

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LARGE PRESS RUNS from 5,000 to 5,000,000! The Colora is able to print up to 75,000 high-quality color newspapers or supplements per hour! The press can stop between jobs with the publicationís precise settings saved and recalled for precision start ups and almost unlimited runs.

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